Management Bios

Fred “Broc” Davidson’s mechanical ability began to flourish around the age of 15 when he began working on cars as a hobby. Wanting to make a living out of his hobby, Broc attended the American Diesel and Automotive Institute and graduated in 1988 with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences.

A majority of Broc’s 28 year career has been with the horizontal drilling utility company Utilex, where he left as supervisor of maintenance for the entire western United States. Broc’s experience hiring contractors like Mile High Mobile Truck Repair taught him the need to set a budget and stick to it by strictly controlling costs. This translates into an incredible ability to find unique solutions to problems that cut costs and reduce equipment downtime.

When Broc isn’t focusing on fleet maintenance and DOT audits you can find him high in the Rockies trout fishing with his son or 4wheeling up mountain passes.

Sam Humphrey has always been an entrepreneur. From selling marbles on the playground to lemonade stands, it was always obvious that Sam was interested in business transactions. Pursing this interest, he graduated from Assumption College in 2007 with a degree in International Business.

After a financial internship with Metro West Steel in Wrentham, MA he secured a position with State Street Bank and Trust as a Mutual Fund Accountant. He worked his way up to a Senior Mutual Fund Accountant overseeing a team of six accountants who worked on a portfolio of funds valued at over $8 Billion. From there Sam moved to Denver, CO and obtained a job with Alps Fund Services as a Hedge Fund Accountant, where he focused on developing procedures and systems that streamlined the existing options pricing methods. Sam left the corporate world to establish the finance department at Mile High Mobile Truck Repair and the other guys enjoy poking fun at him for being the “resident bean counter.”

Sam is an avid rock climber and when he’s not stressing over pricing models and invoices he is spending time in the mountains enjoying the thin air and snow.

As long as he could remember, Steve Moseley has been fascinated with how things work. This fascination led Steve to the Denver Automotive and Diesel College where he graduated in 1993. Steve’s strong family history in the trucking industry (His mother, father, and sister have a combined 65 years experience as long haul truckers) led him to work on tractor trailers. To this day, he still enjoys the challenges of figuring out not only what broke, but why it broke, and how it can be avoided it in the future.

Steve has held a variety of jobs in the diesel repair industry over his 20 year career. Starting out working in the fleet maintenance department of Denver International Airport, Steve worked his way up before leaving to be the lead mechanic at Penske. Steve then became the managing director of Western Truck Repair where he again had a successful career until he left to start Mile High Mobile Truck Repair.

When Steve isn’t making sure every single one of our clients’ needs are taken care of, you can find him spending time with his wife, three children and grandson.